PDPM Navigator

Well, we finally have it! After only 2 short years it is official!  PDPM Navigator® by Broad River Rehab is now officially trademarked!  As many of you know (because you are using it), our PDPM Navigator app is the most widely used app for PDPM.  IT is available in both the Apple and Google Play… Continue reading PDPM Navigator

Med A Census Navigator Updated (at least for iPhone users…)

We were having a discussion the other day and someone suggested we give all our Pro users a gift in Med A Census Navigator. It’s a great idea so that’s what’s happening today. Starting right now (for iPhone users, more on this in a moment), Med A Census Navigator users can register using their email… Continue reading Med A Census Navigator Updated (at least for iPhone users…)

PDPM Calculator & PDPM Navigator™ Updates for FY2021

We just updated the PDPM Calculator for CMS fiscal year 2021. The updates include: New wage indexing. New base rates New labor/non-labor split For those of you who use PDPM Navigator, those same changes are headed to your phone and/or tablet. iPhone users should see an update very early in the morning of October 1st.… Continue reading PDPM Calculator & PDPM Navigator™ Updates for FY2021

Med A Census Navigator™!

We’ve been hard at work during the pandemic (#COVIDEnoughAlready) creating a new tool that we’re ready to announce today! Today we release Part A Census Navigator™! What is that you ask? Census Navigator™ is an app that allows you to search for any hospital in the United States and see how many Medicare Part A… Continue reading Med A Census Navigator™!

PDPM Navigator™ PRO Version 1.1.1 Released

Yesterday we released an update to PDPM Navigator™ PRO which will allow you to save cases. This has been requested by quite a few of you so we’re excited for you to try it. (Note: this feature is for PROs only. If you’d like the PRO version of PDPM Navigator™, it’s available for free to… Continue reading PDPM Navigator™ PRO Version 1.1.1 Released

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Recently a colleague of mine completed an audit for a customer facility of all Part A residents with zero NTA points. The purpose was to answer the question: “Is it really possible these people have no non-therapy ancillaries?” The results were eye opening: More than 26% of the admissions DID have a potential NTA that… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Document Navigator™ Version 2.0!

We’re excited to announce that version 2.0 of Document Navigator™ is almost here! We think you’ll appreciate the updates and improvements. Some of the highlights: In-Document Highlighting: We’ll highlight relevant items and medications right in your original document so you can see them in context. We’ll also highlight all medications. Improved, Simplified User Interface: We’ve… Continue reading Document Navigator™ Version 2.0!

“Big Data”, Artificial Intelligence and Skilled Nursing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data have hit the mainstream. Whether it’s the amazing advances in image recognition or sentiment analysis or shockingly accurate and timely friend suggestions and targeted ads. CMS has even launched the “Artificial Intelligence Health Outcomes Challenge”. More information is available here. The purpose of the project is to predict unplanned… Continue reading “Big Data”, Artificial Intelligence and Skilled Nursing

Document Navigator!


Broad River Rehab is beyond excited to announce our Document Navigator! It uses cutting-edge AI technology to quickly read your patient documentation and find everything from non-therapy ancillaries to medications! You simply drag and drop a document onto a web page. We’ll scan it and highlight all the important items so you can find those… Continue reading Document Navigator!