PDPM Calculator

The PDPM Calculator helps you understand how changes in Default Clinical Category, Section GG, Speech and Language Pathology, Non-Therapy Ancillaries and Nursing Categories will change your PDPM categorization AND pay. All urban and rural areas are included.

PDPM Calculator & PDPM Navigator™ Updates for FY2021

We just updated the PDPM Calculator for CMS fiscal year 2021. The updates include: New wage indexing. New base rates New labor/non-labor split For those of you who use PDPM Navigator, those same changes are headed to your phone and/or tablet. iPhone users should see an update very early in the morning of October 1st.… Continue reading PDPM Calculator & PDPM Navigator™ Updates for FY2021

Minor Changes to PDPM Calculator


We’ve made a couple of minor changes to the PDPM calculator. As CMS releases more information, we will continue to update the calculator to keep it as accurate as possible. For today’s update, we have two minor changes: Under some circumstances, it is possible that the PT/OT category will not be “Acute Neurologic” even though… Continue reading Minor Changes to PDPM Calculator