Through our compassionate and knowledgeable therapists, RNs, and CNAs, Broad River Rehab provides quality therapy services to each client based upon their individual needs.


We at Broad River believe that there is little skill required in identifying needs in skilled nursing. Simply walk down the hall of any facility and you will observe many clinical needs. The skill in skilled therapy, however, comes from having the compassion (for the population we serve) and knowledge (both clinical and regulatory) to know how to address these needs. That is why Broad River Rehab promotes a culture that values compassion and knowledge; formally investing internally and externally in ensuring its therapists have the compassion, knowledge, tools, and experience to meet the clinical needs of the residents and clients that we serve.

We are passionate about the care we provide to our residents, and it shows in the faces of those we care for.

Why Broad River?

All therapy companies are not the same.

Broad River Rehab is simply better – and we can prove it. Through our knowledgeable and compassionate therapy team, we deliver quality physical, speech and occupational therapy services to our clients based upon their individual needsBut we’re much more than just therapy providers. We’re data analytics experts, too.

We invest in ensuring our therapists have the passionknowledge, data tools, and experience to meet the clinical and operational needs of our clients and the people we care for together.



We work hard to earn the trust of our customers, and it’s gratifying when they share their thoughts and feelings about our partnership with them. Below are some testimonials from such professionals. Please note that professional references are always available and will be provided upon request.

This has been, by far the best and smoothest transition from one company to another that I have experienced in my 35+ years in long-term care rehabilitation. I want to thank you, Sumit and Carrie for your personal introductions to Broad River Rehab. The training that we have received has cleared-up much uncertainty regarding PDPM and the GG process. I’m looking forward to the additional quality training that Broad River has in store for our therapy team and our facility. Thank you for such a great first week.”

— Client Rehab Director

There are smart people, really smart people and then there is Manning McGraw. In my 20+ years dealing with the minutia of healthcare reimbursement and clinical systems, I have met only a handful of individuals with such a passion for their patients and for the world of reimbursement. If you need to understand Medicare, Medicaid or virtually any other reimbursement system, Manning is your man. Not only does Manning have the patience to mine thousands of pages of rules and regulations and pick-out the tasty tidbits, I’ve also known him to track-down the proper bureaucrats, pick-up the phone and get the inside facts straight from the source. This skill alone has often given Manning an understanding of reimbursement bordering on prescience. Some people understand these issues, but Manning has the added gift of being able to explain, teach and use this understanding. Most importantly, he has the ability to combine his clinical chops with his comprehensive knowledge of reimbursement systems and create actionable policies and procedures that achieve the best possible outcomes for the patient AND the provider. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Manning, DO IT!”

— Client Facility Administrator

Often with a contract therapy company, the skilled nursing and therapy professionals act as two separate entities. With Broad River Rehab, the management encourages unity amongst the two components resulting in improved resident outcomes.”

— Client Facility Administrator



Manning McGraw – Chief Executive Officer

Manning McGraw is Broad River Rehab’s chief executive officer. A Physical Therapist by training, he grew-up in Asheville, North Carolina where his mother ran a nursing home for retired Methodist missionaries. Manning spent many evenings after school in this nursing home and grew to love their patient population. After graduating from PT school, he went directly into the Skilled Nursing setting because he believed our geriatric population needed to be cared for with a knowledgeable and compassionate approach. Since 2002, he has specialized in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and has first-hand knowledge and experience in over 28 states on how reimbursement works. He believes deeply that the more knowledgeable people you work with, and partner with, the more you will succeed, together.

Sumit Malhotra – Chief Operating Officer

Sumit Malhotra is Broad River Rehab’s Chief Operating Officer. A physical therapist with over 18 years of experience, his background includes patient care amongst a diverse array of patients spanning multiple continents. Over the past two decades, Sumit has developed a niche in rehabilitation management. His main concentration is in building quality therapy programs across various settings, overseeing therapy operations in hundreds of facilities across multiple states. He has since successfully transitioned hundreds of new facility contracts to provide customized care for each individual patient, while assisting facilities in navigating the rapidly changing world of reimbursements and regulatory changes.

Joe Eaton – Chief Strategist

Joe Eaton is Broad River Rehab’s Chief Strategist. With a passion for problem-solving, he takes great satisfaction in simplifying the complex and creating tools to make complex issues easier to understand. He comes to BRR with 20 years of experience in engineering and business and has written numerous software systems and tools for the healthcare industry from nursing to therapy. Joe specializes in the development of Artificial Intelligence tools (AI) that greatly simplify accuracy and compliance. He takes pride in providing clients with actionable data analytics and is always looking for a challenging new problem to solve. 


Renee Kinder – Executive Vice President of Clinical Services

Renee Kinder, MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT, is Broad River Rehab’s Executive Vice President of Clinical Services. She serves as Gerontology Professional Development Manager for the American Speech Language Hearing Association’s (ASHA) gerontology special interest group, is a member of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine community faculty and is an advisor to the American Medical Association’s Relative Value Update Committee (RUC) Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee (HCPAC).

Joel VanEaton – Executive Vice President of PAC Regulatory Affairs and Education

Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT, RAC-CTA, MT, MTA is Broad River Rehab’s Executive Vice President of PAC Regulatory Affairs and Education. Joel began his career in LTC more 20 years ago as an MDS coordinator and worked for many years as the Director of Clinical  Reimbursement and RAI for a group of nursing facilities in the southeast. Joel writes a monthly column for McKnight’s LTC News and contributes regularly to Skilled Nursing News. He has contributed to the AAPACN Leader for the NAC and ASHA Voices podcast. He currently serves on the AAPACN Expert Advisory Panel and as a board member on the AAPACN Education Foundation. Joel is one of 11 certified Advanced Master Teachers through AAPACN and presents regularly on all subjects related to state and federal regulation, the MDS, clinical reimbursement.


Tricia Wood – Vice President of Business Development

Tricia Wood is Broad River Rehab’s Vice President of Business Development. Rooted in business development her entire career, she has focused on the acute and post-acute healthcare industry for the last 11 years. Tricia enjoys building long-lasting relationships with healthcare leaders, understanding the challenges they face, while offering them value as a true partner and advisor. | twood@broadriverrehab.com

Jeff Moyers – Vice President of Business Development

Jeff Moyers, Vice President of Business Development for Broad River Rehab, has been in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. Jeff consistently delivers innovative solutions for his client partners, working side-by-side with them to optimize their ability to deliver quality care and drive revenue. In doing so, he maintains a dual focus on the needs of his client partners and their patients/residents. Jeff is a proud alumnus of East Tennessee State University. | jmoyers@broadriverrehab.com


Broad River Rehab is an excellent career choice for clinical and operational employees alike. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, ongoing training and education and a stimulating environment for our team to contribute. Explore our available positions and apply today! 

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