Georgia on my mind

I love Georgia peaches. In fact, I was lamenting that it was much too early for fresh peaches while at the GHCA winter convention a few weeks ago. (The peach cobbler was outstanding though.) The first bite of those famous southern summer peaches is a tasty treat. Recently, we have been biting into some pretty… Continue reading Georgia on my mind

Regulatory Reminder

Here are some Regulatory updates related to COVID-19 vaccinations and education and reporting. From the Interim Final Rule released yesterday to the SNF FY 2022 Proposed Rule, CNS requirements related to COVID-19 vaccination administration and reporting are serious business. Interim Final Rule: (Medicare and Medicaid Programs; COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities and… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder

Regulatory Reminders: COVID Waiver Updates

There have been lots of questions swirling around related to the status of the remaining COVID-19 waivers that CMS has issues related to the ongoing Public Health Emergency (PHE), especially related to the 3-day stay waiver. There have been several updates recently that help answer these questions. Please download copies of the appropriate documents linked… Continue reading Regulatory Reminders: COVID Waiver Updates

SNF FY 2022 Proposed Rule – Learn the Facts Behind the Headlines Part 1

Today we start a blog series dedicated to unpacking the FY 2022 SNF PPS Proposed Rule that was released late in the day on April 8th. CMS has proposed many significant initiatives that will affect every aspect of Skilled Nursing Operations in the coming months and years to come. This first blog will address the… Continue reading SNF FY 2022 Proposed Rule – Learn the Facts Behind the Headlines Part 1

Regulatory Reminder

It’s been a while since we sent out the last Regulatory Reminder. As we have been preparing for our Reflections call today I downloaded a copy of the most recent (March) 5-Star preview report from CASPER and, to my surprise, there were a few important announcements that CMS conveyed using that format related to the… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder

The Power of the PDPM Primary Diagnosis

Since the inception of the PDPM, providers have grappled with the nuances of the new payment system in an effort to ensure that reimbursement accommodate the services that are provided to each resident. The challenge has been that the PDPM is nothing like the former RUG-IV system in which facilities were essentially paid for volume… Continue reading The Power of the PDPM Primary Diagnosis

Regulatory Reminder!

Well we are two weeks into a new year and there is no rest for the weary for sure. CMS has been busy and there have been several regulatory adjustments that have been announced to which we need to pay attention. This installment of Regulatory Reminders will focus on four updates that have been implemented… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder!