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Section GGFunctional Abilities at Admission
A. Eating: The ability to use suitable utensils to bring food to the mouth and swallow food once the meal is presented on a table/tray. Includes modified food consistency.
B. Oral Hygiene: The ability to use suitable items to clean teeth. [Dentures (if applicable): The ability to remove and replace dentures from and to the mouth, and manage equipment for soaking and rinsing them.]
C. Toileting Hygiene: The ability to maintain perineal hygiene, adjust clothes before and after using the toilet, commode, bedpan, or urinal. If managing an ostomy, include wiping the opening but not managing equipment.
B. Sit to lying: The ability to move from sitting on side of bed to lying flat on the bed.
C. Lying to sitting on the side of bed: The ability to safely move from lying on the back to sitting on the side of the bed with feet flat on the floor, and with no back support.
D. Sit to Stand: The ability to safely come to a standing position from sitting in a chair or on the side of the bed.
E. Chair/Bed-To-Chair Transfer: The ability to safely transfer to and from a bed to a chair (or wheelchair).
F. Toilet Transfer: The ability to safely get on and off a toilet or commode.
I. Does the resident walk 10 feet?
J. Walk 50 feet with two turns: Once standing, the ability to walk at least 50 feet and make two turns.
K. Walk 150 feet: Once standing, the ability to walk at least 150 feet in a corridor or similar space.
MDS ItemDescription
I4300 Aphasia
I4500 CVA, TIA, or Stroke
I4900 Hemiplegia or Hemiparesis
I5500 Traumatic Brain Injury
I8000 Laryngeal Cancer
I8000 Apraxia
I8000 Dysphagia
I8000 ALS
I8000 Oral Cancers
I8000 Speech and Language Deficits
O0100E2 Tracheostomy Care While a Resident
O0100F2 Ventilator or Respirator While a Resident
PDPM Cognitive Level BIMS Score
Cognitively Intact 13-15
Mildly Impaired 8-12
Moderately Impaired 0-7
Severely Impaired -

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H100. Appliances

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Other - Additional Active Diagnoses

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