Med A Census Navigator Updated (at least for iPhone users…)

We were having a discussion the other day and someone suggested we give all our Pro users a gift in Med A Census Navigator. It’s a great idea so that’s what’s happening today. Starting right now (for iPhone users, more on this in a moment), Med A Census Navigator users can register using their email addresses to get some additional bonus information.

Dark mode!

Dark mode!

“What am I getting?” you ask? We’ve added:

  • average length of stay

  • $$ per stay

  • $$ per day

Readmission rates have also moved to the Pro version.

See the screen snip. This data is available for every SNF in the country. Some things you want to be aware of:

  • For readmission rankings, if you see 10,236, you are tied for last place. If you see a ranking of 2,910th, that means you don’t have enough data to do the calculation properly and you have a 0% VBP. In this case, you are tied for “middle place”.

  • There are some facilities with unusual admission/discharge dates which can make the daily spend look strange. We are aware this is happening but we’re trying to treat everyone the same. If you have questions about a specific facility, please contact us.


What about Android users? Good question. The same update is complete and has been submitted to the Google Play Store. However, Google is currently struggling to get apps approved. So you will be getting the update, but it will probably take about 10 days. We aren’t happy about that, but it’s the best we can do right now.