Document Navigator™

Document Navigator™(DocNav) is your new personal digital assistant for PDPM. It quickly and efficiently reads your incoming patient documentation and identifies conditions, procedures, medications and more. DocNav reads quickly, has an amazing vocabulary, works 24×7, knows ALL the ICD codes, speech co-morbidities and nursing conditions and will read multiple documents simultaneously.

Document Navigator™

Document Navigator is Broad River Rehab’s breakthrough artificial intelligence document scanner. DocNav will read and understand your PDF H&P documents and identify clinically important information and highlight it for you. DocNav understands PDPM non-therapy ancillaries, speech comorbidities and nursing conditions that can effect your HIPPS code.

Covid-19 Update to Documentation Navigator™

What makes for a successful future focus on Covid-19? A Clinically knowledgeable, Quality measurement, interdisciplinary approach. Future thinking requires us to evaluate our capacity as interdisciplinary teams as we leverage the RAI to provide care (RAI – MDS, CAAs, Care Planning), get paid appropriately (PDPM) and achieve desired outcomes (Quality Measurement). For this reason, we… Continue reading Covid-19 Update to Documentation Navigator™

Document Navigator™ Version 2.0!

We’re excited to announce that version 2.0 of Document Navigator™ is almost here! We think you’ll appreciate the updates and improvements. Some of the highlights: In-Document Highlighting: We’ll highlight relevant items and medications right in your original document so you can see them in context. We’ll also highlight all medications. Improved, Simplified User Interface: We’ve… Continue reading Document Navigator™ Version 2.0!

Document Navigator!


Broad River Rehab is beyond excited to announce our Document Navigator! It uses cutting-edge AI technology to quickly read your patient documentation and find everything from non-therapy ancillaries to medications! You simply drag and drop a document onto a web page. We’ll scan it and highlight all the important items so you can find those… Continue reading Document Navigator!