PDPM Navigator

Well, we finally have it!

After only 2 short years it is official!  PDPM Navigator® by Broad River Rehab is now officially trademarked!  As many of you know (because you are using it), our PDPM Navigator app is the most widely used app for PDPM.  IT is available in both the Apple and Google Play stores. There is a free version for everyone to use and we have over 10,000 downloads Nationally!  We also have a Pro version of PDPM Navigator that is available only to Broad River Rehab clients and clinicians.  This Pro version has so many more useful features like, RAI Manual language for compliance, ICD-10 coding assistance for the Primary Dx as well as for the NTAs that are I800 driven, emailed results with Clinical Pathways, and so much more! Become our Client and find out what you have been missing!

What is incredible is that our PDPM Navigator is no longer the “best” tool we have for PDPM!  Our AI tool Documentation Navigator™ (not registered “yet”) is!  And we have the data to prove it!  Everyone says they are “experts” when it comes to PDPM, that data suggests otherwise…..

Now we all know that PDPM Audits are increasing and its not enough to just appropriately capture the revenue, you have to have the documentation to back it up to keep the revenue!  If only there was a way to Audit 100% of your notes……. Stay tuned!!  You may see yet another incredible tool from Broad River Rehab!!