Broad River Rehab- “A Different Path..” Continued

In a September 27th letter to our employees we made a promise that we would take “a different path”,  that we valued the treatment and outcomes provided, and that as a result we would continue to treat our residents based on individuals needs after October 1st. We also said that this may sound “radical” but… Continue reading Broad River Rehab- “A Different Path..” Continued

Welcome Renee Kinder!

My mother used to say: “Manning, surround yourself with good people that work hard and are smart.  If you do this, you will be successful”.  Renee Kinder – MS, CCC-SLP, RAC-CT Renee Kinder, MS CCC-SLP RAC-CT is our new Vice President of Clinical Services! Renee serves as a member of community faculty for the University… Continue reading Welcome Renee Kinder!

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2019 ICD-10 / PDPM Training

On behalf of everyone at Broad River Rehab, we’d like to thank Carol Maher for spending two days with us and teaching ICD-10 coding and PDPM at the beautiful Grove Park Inn in Asheville! The event was informative and entertaining. Carol really knows her stuff! We’d also like to thank everyone who attended. We hope… Continue reading 2019 ICD-10 / PDPM Training

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Recently a colleague of mine completed an audit for a customer facility of all Part A residents with zero NTA points. The purpose was to answer the question: “Is it really possible these people have no non-therapy ancillaries?” The results were eye opening: More than 26% of the admissions DID have a potential NTA that… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

“Big Data”, Artificial Intelligence and Skilled Nursing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data have hit the mainstream. Whether it’s the amazing advances in image recognition or sentiment analysis or shockingly accurate and timely friend suggestions and targeted ads. CMS has even launched the “Artificial Intelligence Health Outcomes Challenge”. More information is available here. The purpose of the project is to predict unplanned… Continue reading “Big Data”, Artificial Intelligence and Skilled Nursing

Document Navigator!


Broad River Rehab is beyond excited to announce our Document Navigator! It uses cutting-edge AI technology to quickly read your patient documentation and find everything from non-therapy ancillaries to medications! You simply drag and drop a document onto a web page. We’ll scan it and highlight all the important items so you can find those… Continue reading Document Navigator!

Introducing … Provider Rating Report Scanner!

As you are probably aware, Broad River Rehab created Staffing Navigator to make it easier for facilities to understand the interaction between staffing levels and star ratings. (If you haven’t heard of Staffing Navigator, check your app store. It’s free and we’ll train you.) We learned a lot of things creating that app. The original… Continue reading Introducing … Provider Rating Report Scanner!