What We’re Learning About Long COVID

In this podcast, Joel VanEaton, executive vice president of PAC regulatory affairs and education at Broad River Rehab, and Mary Kennedy, a professor and the chair of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Chapman University, talk about what clinicians may need to know about the emerging population of patients with long COVID. More… Continue reading What We’re Learning About Long COVID

March 17, 2022
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Trauma-Informed Health Literacy: A COVID-19 Perspective

Join us as Broad River Rehab highlights the concepts of Trauma-Informed Care and Health Literacy, which have become increasingly important from both practical and regulatory perspectives.

Regulatory Reminders: COVID Waiver Updates

There have been lots of questions swirling around related to the status of the remaining COVID-19 waivers that CMS has issues related to the ongoing Public Health Emergency (PHE), especially related to the 3-day stay waiver. There have been several updates recently that help answer these questions. Please download copies of the appropriate documents linked… Continue reading Regulatory Reminders: COVID Waiver Updates

Covid-19 Update to Documentation Navigator™

What makes for a successful future focus on Covid-19? A Clinically knowledgeable, Quality measurement, interdisciplinary approach. Future thinking requires us to evaluate our capacity as interdisciplinary teams as we leverage the RAI to provide care (RAI – MDS, CAAs, Care Planning), get paid appropriately (PDPM) and achieve desired outcomes (Quality Measurement). For this reason, we… Continue reading Covid-19 Update to Documentation Navigator™

Do The Right Thing

Our guiding principles at Broad River Rehab are Knowledge and Compassion. That’s what drives the decisions we make, even when faced with a pandemic. During these difficult times, we’ve had to get creative and figure out how to do the right thing. That means doing the right thing for our patients, obviously but also for… Continue reading Do The Right Thing