Staying Close to the ones you love ♥ with Televisits

The headlines are everywhere.

They are heart wrenching and they are real.

With skilled nursing facilities across the nation moving towards limited visits in order to protect individuals from the COVID-19 pandemic, families and residents are placed in a unique and often challenging state.

  • “How is Mom going to make it without our weekend visit?”

  • “Pawpaw doesn’t have a smart phone and it has been suggested we Face Time?”

  • “My husband can’t even see to dial a phone, we have lunch together daily, this seems unbearable”

We hear you, we understand, and we as a result will be conducting 2 webinar offerings to provide guidance.

This course will extend on our initial McKnight’s Blog, further providing common sense, useful tips for families and caregivers regarding best practices for communication and engagement.

March 16, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time, Option 1

March 18, 2020 2:00 PM Eastern Time, Option 2


Objectives will be to provide families and caregivers with practical guidance on the following:

  • Understanding the risks associated with reduced socialization and interaction in the geriatric population

  • Comprehending the impact of cognitive, visual, hearing, and sensory limitations on non face to face communication

  • Providing care teams with a tool to assess best methods for verbal and visual communication

  • Assist families and care providers with understanding how to establish an ideal sensory environment for communication

  • Explore high, low, and no tech options for remaining engaged with your loved ones during periods of limited visitation