Do The Right Thing

Our guiding principles at Broad River Rehab are Knowledge and Compassion. That’s what drives the decisions we make, even when faced with a pandemic.

During these difficult times, we’ve had to get creative and figure out how to do the right thing. That means doing the right thing for our patients, obviously but also for our partners AND our employees.

Since this pandemic started, we’ve spent many hours searching for, finding, buying and delivering PPE. We purchased thousands of gloves, gowns, face shields, KN95 masks and literally gallons of hand sanitizer. We’ve dodged a few scams along the way as well. So far, we’ve spent over a quarter of a million dollars securing PPE for our employees. It’s definitely the right thing to do.

In many cases, we’ve delivered this PPE ourselves because it was the fastest way to get it where it was needed, to the people dedicated to treating.

When we had extra PPE, we gave it away to others in need. In some cases we delivered PPE to SNFs with significant outbreaks, struggling to get necessary PPE to people in need. So far, we’ve given away thousands of masks, face shields, gloves and re-usable gowns.

To all our therapists serving our patients, we want to say thank you! To all of our employees working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly during this time, thank you! We will get through this, and you are the reason why.