PDPM Navigator

Well, we finally have it! After only 2 short years it is official!  PDPM Navigator® by Broad River Rehab is now officially trademarked!  As many of you know (because you are using it), our PDPM Navigator app is the most widely used app for PDPM.  IT is available in both the Apple and Google Play… Continue reading PDPM Navigator

Broken Promises…

For years Therapy Companies have told SNFs we can “help increase your census” , “help increase your Medicare Part A rate” “help increase your Medicaid rate” etc…. BUT if your census never increased, your Med A rate stayed the same, and your Medicaid rate did not change,  are these just Broken Promises? Right now, every… Continue reading Broken Promises…

Striving for Compliance

We all say we want compliance, but do we strive for it?  My philosophy professor in college used to emphasize that you must define what you are discussing so that you can discuss it intelligently.  So let’s define “compliance” in medical record documentation.  For this blog we will define compliant documentation as “accurately recording the… Continue reading Striving for Compliance

The DOs and DON’Ts when signing a PDPM Pricing Amendment

DO Options – PDPM is not “one size fits all”, ask for 2 to 3 pricing options from your therapy provider so you can choose the one that you think is best for your facility. Simplicity – You should be able to clearly understand what it is you are paying. Flexibility – Many therapy providers… Continue reading The DOs and DON’Ts when signing a PDPM Pricing Amendment

The Do’s and Don’ts in a Rehab Contract (you WILL amend your contract this year)


With PDPM looming, the industry is abuzz with pricing models as the current RUV IV pricing will no longer apply.  Your current rehab provider will come to you soon and propose an amendment to your current contract to account for patient treatment falling under PDPM.  This is a PERFECT time for you to not only… Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts in a Rehab Contract (you WILL amend your contract this year)

PDPM, SNFs & Therapy Contracts


PDPM is scheduled to be implemented October 1, 2019 for traditional Medicare Part A patients in the SNFs. This will mean your therapy company will probably need to amend their contract to accommodate this new type of payor source. So how will you be charged? Since history is a pretty good indicator of the future,… Continue reading PDPM, SNFs & Therapy Contracts

PDPM, Let’s Do Some Math…


PDPM (Patient Driven Payment Model) aka RCS v2, aka RCS lite, aka Provider Driven Payment Model (my personal favorite), aka the worst thing ever for therapy, etc. I remember when PPS (Perspective Payment System) came and many thought this was the worst thing ever for therapy.  Many companies declared bankruptcy. (The one I worked for… Continue reading PDPM, Let’s Do Some Math…