Broken Promises…

For years Therapy Companies have told SNFs we can “help increase your census” , “help increase your Medicare Part A rate” “help increase your Medicaid rate” etc…. BUT if your census never increased, your Med A rate stayed the same, and your Medicaid rate did not change,  are these just Broken Promises?

Right now, every Therapy Company is saying “We are well prepared” “We understand PDPM” We are the best partner for you” etc…… BUT if your outcomes are bad and your PDPM daily rate is low, how knowledgeable are they?  Are they really well prepared for PDPM or are these just more Broken Promises? 

Keep your options open….

Now is the time to have a backup plan for your facility/facilities.  Questions to ask:

1.       What tools/knowledge does your therapy partner possess that assists with proper ICD-10 coding?

2.       What outcome/dollar spent am I achieving with my current provider? 

3.       What tools/knowledge does my therapy partner possess that improves my capture of NTAs?

4.       What percentage of my PDPM patient fall into the Reduced Physical Function?  Does my therapy partner have tools/knowledge that can appropriately get PDPM residents into a higher Nursing Category?

5.       How well does my therapy partner truly understand PDPM?

You may want to consider talking to other Therapy Providers in Q4 of this year so that IF your current provider is full of Broken Promises, you can more quickly make changes to positively effect your residents and your facility. I encourage you to talk to Broad River Rehab as well as others! It’s the only way to make an informed decision on what is best for your residents clinically and your facility financially.

DO NOT let October be your measure of how well you are doing with PDPM!  The triple NTAs dollars for ALL Medicare Part A patients in your facility October 1st may give you a false sense of security.  November and December are a much better months to use to measure of how you are doing with PDPM