Minor Changes to PDPM Calculator


We’ve made a couple of minor changes to the PDPM calculator. As CMS releases more information, we will continue to update the calculator to keep it as accurate as possible.

For today’s update, we have two minor changes:

  1. Under some circumstances, it is possible that the PT/OT category will not be “Acute Neurologic” even though that is the Default Clinical Category. This will not happen often, but in the interest it handling as many situations as possible, we chose to support this. Effective immediately, if you select “Acute Neurologic”, a second drop-down will appear which will allow you to change the PT/OT category. If you select “Other Orthopedic” in this dropdown it will change the PT/OT group and your pay. If this doesn’t make sense to you, ignore it and the calculator will behave exactly as it always has.

  2. CMS released some guidance on wage indexing that indicated the wage index should be multiplied by the sum of all 6 payments. Back in September when CMS released the new wage index data, we made the decision to include it in the calculator and just warn everyone that we made a best-effort assumption about how the indexing would work. (You can read that announcement here.) Beware that CMS has since contradicted the new advice and the way wage indexing is going to work is still not clear. We have asked for clarification and will update the calculator when we know more.

As always, contact us if we can help!