Broad River Rehab- “A Different Path..” Continued

In a September 27th letter to our employees we made a promise that we would take “a different path”,  that we valued the treatment and outcomes provided, and that as a result we would continue to treat our residents based on individuals needs after October 1st. We also said that this may sound “radical” but… Continue reading Broad River Rehab- “A Different Path..” Continued

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Recently a colleague of mine completed an audit for a customer facility of all Part A residents with zero NTA points. The purpose was to answer the question: “Is it really possible these people have no non-therapy ancillaries?” The results were eye opening: More than 26% of the admissions DID have a potential NTA that… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Document Navigator™ Version 2.0!

We’re excited to announce that version 2.0 of Document Navigator™ is almost here! We think you’ll appreciate the updates and improvements. Some of the highlights: In-Document Highlighting: We’ll highlight relevant items and medications right in your original document so you can see them in context. We’ll also highlight all medications. Improved, Simplified User Interface: We’ve… Continue reading Document Navigator™ Version 2.0!

Just How Many HIPPS Codes Are There?

A lot has been made of the complexity of PDPM. We’ve all heard by now there are more than 28 thousand code combinations. Let me get straight to the point: this narrative is wrong and is being used to make you feel like PDPM is too complex for you to handle. The “more than 28… Continue reading Just How Many HIPPS Codes Are There?

Broken Promises…

For years Therapy Companies have told SNFs we can “help increase your census” , “help increase your Medicare Part A rate” “help increase your Medicaid rate” etc…. BUT if your census never increased, your Med A rate stayed the same, and your Medicaid rate did not change,  are these just Broken Promises? Right now, every… Continue reading Broken Promises…

The DOs and DON’Ts when signing a PDPM Pricing Amendment

DO Options – PDPM is not “one size fits all”, ask for 2 to 3 pricing options from your therapy provider so you can choose the one that you think is best for your facility. Simplicity – You should be able to clearly understand what it is you are paying. Flexibility – Many therapy providers… Continue reading The DOs and DON’Ts when signing a PDPM Pricing Amendment