PDPM Navigator Lite™ – Free in the App Store!

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We’ve decided to offer a lite version of our PDPM Navigator™ to everyone FOR FREE! PDPM Navigator Lite™ does everything that our website PDPM Calculator does (and more) but it does it all on your phone. You can use it wherever, whenever, however. No internet is required after the install.

How do you get it?

Simple. Click the links below and download it.


PDPM Navigator™ – Lite versus Pro

Feature Lite Pro
All Default Clinical Categories Yes Yes
All 50 Non-Therapy Ancillaries Yes Yes
Section GG Yes Yes
Speech Comorbidities Yes Yes
Nursing Categories with Requirements Yes Yes
HIPPS Codes Yes Yes
Length of Stay Yes Yes
Wage Indexing (Urban & Rural) Yes Yes
Detailed Summary Yes Yes
Complete ICD-10 Mapping to Default Clinical with FULL Search NO Yes
ICD-10 Mapping to I8000 Speech Comorbidities NO Yes
ICD-10 Mapping to I8000 Non-Therapy Ancillaries NO Yes
Email Reports NO Yes
RAI Manual Explanations & and Reference Pages NO Yes
Increased Compliance at Your Fingertips! NO Yes

When you’re ready to go PRO, contact us to find out how!