Providing Measurable Value In CaseMix

How many therapy companies tell you they’ll help you improve your case-mix? How many tell you they’ll help you with ADL training? (Section G isn’t going away if you live in a case-mix state.) How many claim their clients have better reimbursement because of more complete documentation?

The answer is nearly all of us make those claims.

How many rehab companies follow through? How many are will to talk about proof that they follow through?

Let’s look at the data

The following information came from the state of North Carolina.

Broad River Rehab Customers have higher average ADL scores.

Statewide our customers average higher ADL scores. Why? Better documentation: We train our customer CNAs to recognize the work they do and document it appropriately. Our acuity isn’t higher but our percentage of correct documentation is.

We use on-site as well as mobile training to continue to reinforce Section G. Training isn’t an event, it’s a way of life in skilled nursing.


Broad River Rehab Customers have higher than average case-mix.

Proper documentation results in more accuracy. More accuracy in case-mix usually brings higher case-mix. It isn’t complicated but it requires sustained effort and focus.


Broad River Rehab Customers have higher than average Medicaid PPD.

This one should be obvious, but here it is. Our customers average about $10 per patient per day more.


But, correlation does not equal causation!

Right you are. Let’s look at a facility we started serving in Kentucky recently. (I am picking this one for convenience. The North Carolina buildings look the same.)

Case-mix went up.


Pay followed.


In this building, Broad River Rehab was the only change. We’ve seen this happen again and again.

If you think your provider is under-performing or isn’t responsive to your needs, we can talk about strategies to help improve. We can create an action plan to help with case-mix, star ratings, or quality measures. We can also help get you ready for PDPM.

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