The ADL Difference


Take a look at this: (click to enlarge)

This is data from 2016. At that time, Broad River Rehab was just getting started. We were serving only 8 facilities. But even at this early stage you can see that our customers had significantly higher ADL scores than national averages. We’d effectively moved more than 13% of residents from the A & B end split to the C category. (This is Part A data.)

How did we do that? Obviously we don’t have any impact on the ADLs themselves. The patients didn’t change.

What did change was the understanding of the people who DO the scoring. We visited every facility quarterly and explained to every shift not just HOW to score ADLs but WHAT to look for and perhaps most importantly, WHY it’s important. People need to know not just what to do, but the best way to do it and that their work is important.

We are passionate about what we do and love sharing the knowledge we’ve gained along the way. It’s one of the ways Broad River Rehab is different.

As we continue to grow, we’re looking at ways to bring that knowledge to more people. (You’ll see an important one in early 2019, stay tuned!) One of the ways we’re doing that is through our training software, BRRit. BRRit brings training materials straight to the phones of the people you want to train. It supports images and even videos.

We use BRRit internally to help bring our team up to speed on whatever topic we want. We just finished a series of training modules on PDPM. We not only put the material in front of people more often, but we can easily see what things people understand and where we have opportunities to improve. Perhaps next we’ll focus on the nuances of case-mix by state.

We just completed another roll out of BRRit to a client to help with ADL scoring. It’s part of our commitment to bring some clarity to the complex healthcare environment.

A side benefit of BRRit is that it is fully configurable. You can create any training module you like and have it automatically scheduled, delivered and scored at a frequency that is right for you. We’ll highlight areas where people are struggling and then retest periodically. You choose the frequency and can start and stop or add and remove people at any time you wish. Additionally, you can manage everything from your phone or desktop.

BRRit is great in our ever-changing regulatory environment. Imaging putting your Section GG or PDPM training straight into the hands of just the people that need to know. (Or HIPAA, or blood-borne pathogens, or … you get the idea.)

If you’d like to experience the Broad River Rehab difference and get the benefits of our passion and knowledge, contact us today! (You can also get BRRit.)

Also, if you’d like to test your knowledge of ADL scoring with a free training to your phone, contact us for that too!