Understanding Medicare Part A Admissions

Medicare Part A patients are coveted in long-term care. Today we’ re going to look at things that are correlated with getting Medicare Part A transfers from inpatient facilities to skilled nursing facilities. We’ll start by looking at some general attributes that are correlated with lots of Med A admissions and then we’ll move to… Continue reading Understanding Medicare Part A Admissions

Regulatory Reminder!

You may have been aware thorough our communication as well as other sources that CMS, earlier this year, indicated that due to the COVID waivers related to MDS submissions and Survey activity the 5-star rating related to both of these domains would be “frozen” until April 2022. Well, not so fast! Late Friday, CMS issues… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder!

PDPM Navigator™ PRO Version 1.1.1 Released

Yesterday we released an update to PDPM Navigator™ PRO which will allow you to save cases. This has been requested by quite a few of you so we’re excited for you to try it. (Note: this feature is for PROs only. If you’d like the PRO version of PDPM Navigator™, it’s available for free to… Continue reading PDPM Navigator™ PRO Version 1.1.1 Released