Staffing Star Ratings – April 2019 Update

CMS has released an update to the 5 star rating system that’s included in Nursing Home Compare. In this post we’re going to look at changes in the staffing portion of the update. We’ve covered staffing and star ratings in the past, here , here and comprehensively here. So here we go again. According to… Continue reading Staffing Star Ratings – April 2019 Update

Star Ratings and PDPM – A Proposal

UPDATE: As of today (6-25-2018) McKnight’s is reporting that CMS is including all PBJ information to the nursing home compare website. I consider this progress! The current star rating system we use for skilled nursing is not compatible with PDPM. The reason for this is that staffing ratings depend upon expected nursing hours, which are… Continue reading Star Ratings and PDPM – A Proposal

Star Ratings – Some Stats

Star Ratings Let’s talk about star ratings. I know a lot of people in skilled nursing tell me they don’t like star ratings. Most say the star ratings are flawed and can be misleading. I agree that star ratings aren’t perfect, but they aren’t designed for skilled nursing insiders; they are designed to help people… Continue reading Star Ratings – Some Stats