Documentation May Be Costing You Care Dollars! Introducing DocAudit

Broad River Rehab customers now have exclusive access to a revolutionary new documentation audit innovation that means 100% of your clinical notes will be audited 365 days/year for quality and accuracy. Join us as we present this powerful tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure your documentation meets a higher quality standard. Today, very few clinical notes are currently reviewed and analyzed for accuracy and quality. DocAudit analyzes 100% of a facility’s clinical notes every day – a dramatic increase to ensure a patient’s care is properly and accurately documented and to ensure the provider is receiving accurate payments based on the care they deliver. To put this into perspective, a typical clinician might be able to review and analyze nine clinical notes per day to ensure accuracy; however, DocAudit is capable of analyzing more than 80,000 clinical notes from more than 2,000 provider facilities per day.

DocAudit is a tool based on regulatory standards that empowers us to pinpoint, accurately and immediately, clinical education needs to improve quality documentation. The goal is to promote reliability between claims auditors and our clinical teams. That, coupled with the oversight and feedback of our clinical specialists, enables the team to continually refine and tweak processes and improve documentation based on the trending data the AI produces. As part of our webinar, we’ll discuss these clinical and operational benefits that DocAudit delivers:

  • Documentation Efficiency & Accuracy – More efficient, accurate documentation is generated from the rehab team, resulting in higher-quality documentation and optimized reimbursements.
  • Compliant Data – Thorough analyses are conducted per each Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code for accuracy based on local determinations.
  • Personalized Training and Focused Education – Identifies trends and areas of training and clinical education needed to improve the quality of clinical notes.

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