NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Broad River Rehab Announces DocAudit™

Broad River Is First and Only Rehab Provider to Analyze 100% of Provider Facilities’ Clinical Therapy Documentation Every Single Day to Ensure Accuracy and Quality

ASHEVILLE, NC, MAY 17, 2021Broad River Rehab (BRR) today announces the immediate availability of its revolutionary new Documentation Auditor (DocAudit) clinical therapy notes quality-control innovation used exclusively with its skilled nursing facility (SNF) and Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) clients. Broad River Rehab’s Clinical Services department, led by Renee Kinder, has always held BRR’s clinicians documentation to a higher standard than is required from a regulatory perspective, and DocAudit now takes this quality standard to the next level by introducing a tool used for documentation accuracy and focused clinical education.

Here’s how it works: At the end of each day, DocAudit uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze 100% of a provider facility’s clinical therapy documentation, sorting them into either “skilled” or “unskilled” categories. The “skilled” notes mean that the documentation meets BRR’s higher pre-established accuracy and quality guidelines and thresholds, while the “unskilled” notes mean that Broad River Rehab’s higher quality threshold measures have not been met (even though an auditor may find the notes satisfactory). What does it mean? Broad River Rehab is auditing 100% of all clinical therapy documentation for all Clients every single day – an industry first.

“DocAudit is a powerful tool we use to ensure our therapists are focused on priority one, treating patients,” said Renee Kinder, executive vice president of clinical services for BRR. “But it will never replace a human. It’s a tool based on regulatory standards that empowers us to pinpoint, accurately and immediately, clinical education needs to improve the quality of documentation. The goal is to promote reliability between claims auditors and our clinical teams. That, coupled with the oversight and feedback of our clinical specialists, enables the team to continually refine and tweak processes and improve documentation based on the trending data the AI produces.”

DocAudit delivers these clinical and operations benefits:

  • Documentation Efficiency & Accuracy
    More efficient, accurate documentation is generated from the rehab team, resulting in higher-quality documentation and optimized reimbursements.
  • Compliant Data
    Thorough analyses are conducted per each Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code for accuracy based on local determinations.
  • Personalized Training and Focused Education
    Identifies trends and areas of training and clinical education needed to improve the quality of clinical notes.

“DocAudit is transforming the way we measure documentation quality as it relates to each and every one of our clients,” said Manning McGraw, president of Broad River Rehab. “The clinical notes are critical toward documenting the care that is delivered to a patient in their healing journey. For providers, the accuracy of their documentation is a critical factor in getting appropriate reimbursement for the care services they deliver.  So accuracy is critically important in all areas of clinical operations.”

Reports are generated and reviewed by BRR’s clinical operations experts, who use the data to mentor, train and improve the documentation performance of its rehab teams. For BRR customers, it’s a safeguard to identify trends, and protect and keep the dollars they earn. BRR can also use this service to look retrospectively into the EMR to identify where risks may be, all of which can be discussed and addressed during the client’s Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).

According to Joe Eaton, chief strategist with BRR, “Industry-wide, we suspect that very few clinical notes are currently reviewed and analyzed for accuracy and quality. DocAudit analyzes 100% of a facility’s clinical notes – a dramatic increase to ensure a patient’s care is properly and accurately documented and to ensure the provider is receiving accurate payments based on the care they deliver.”

For More Information: DocAudit Webinar, June 3rd, Noon (12:00 PM) EDT

DocAudit is currently available exclusively to Broad River Rehab clientele. It’s delivered as a value-added service as part of BRR’s normal process of working with its clients. However, provider organizations wanting to learn more may register for our upcoming webinar on June 3rd at Noon (12:00 PM) EDT, “Inaccurate Documentation May Be Costing You Care Dollars!”

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