Regulatory Reminder: CMS to update Quality Measure Ratings Thresholds!

On Monday, CMS issued a memo titled, “Quality Measure Rating Threshold Changes with the April 2022 Refresh”. This memo indicated that CMS plans to change the QM rating thresholds every six months. This will begin in April of 2022. This probably seems like short notice for a change of this magnitude. Back in 2019, CMS… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder: CMS to update Quality Measure Ratings Thresholds!

Regulatory Reminder 5-Star: Update Part 2

Things are moving at a breakneck pace already and we are only just a few weeks into the new year. As we noted in our last update, CMS has decided to use Care Compare to publicly report weekend staffing hours and staff turnover. They have also indicated that these new measures will affect individual facility… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder 5-Star: Update Part 2

Regulatory Reminders!

It’s a new year and CMS is not wasting any time. Late Friday, 1/7/2022, CMS released memo QSO-22-08-NH.  In this memo CMS has laid out their intentions to begin using PBJ data inform the public related to weekend staffing and staff turnover in 3 distinct ways. Public Posting on Care Compare CMS will begin posting… Continue reading Regulatory Reminders!

Regulatory Reminder

It has been a while since we posted a Regulatory Reminder notification, so here goes! This morning as I was responding to an email about a specific application of the 3-day stay waiver, I noticed that on Wed. this week, CMS revised the clarification memo SE0011 relative to these waivers. In particular, the text below… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder

SNF FY 2022 Proposed Rule – Learn the Facts Behind the Headlines Part 4: Attention to Quality: The New Normal

Every day now we are hearing and reading about quality issues in the nursing home. The Pandemic has thrown a spotlight on areas that needed to be exposed. Focused infection control survey data now impacts your facility’s 5-star rating and new quality measures are constantly being introduced as measures under consideration or are being proposed… Continue reading SNF FY 2022 Proposed Rule – Learn the Facts Behind the Headlines Part 4: Attention to Quality: The New Normal

Regulatory Reminders: SNF Consolidated Billing Update

CMS has just released Transmittal 10770 along with an MLN Matters article MM12271 October Quarterly Update to 2021 Annual Update of HCPCS Codes Used for Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Consolidated Billing (CB) Enforcement to update the list of items and services that will be excluded from consolidated billing starting with dates of service on or after October 1, 2021.

Regulatory Reminder

Here are some Regulatory updates related to COVID-19 vaccinations and education and reporting. From the Interim Final Rule released yesterday to the SNF FY 2022 Proposed Rule, CNS requirements related to COVID-19 vaccination administration and reporting are serious business. Interim Final Rule: (Medicare and Medicaid Programs; COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Long-Term Care (LTC) Facilities and… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder

Regulatory Reminders: COVID Waiver Updates

There have been lots of questions swirling around related to the status of the remaining COVID-19 waivers that CMS has issues related to the ongoing Public Health Emergency (PHE), especially related to the 3-day stay waiver. There have been several updates recently that help answer these questions. Please download copies of the appropriate documents linked… Continue reading Regulatory Reminders: COVID Waiver Updates

Regulatory Reminder

It’s been a while since we sent out the last Regulatory Reminder. As we have been preparing for our Reflections call today I downloaded a copy of the most recent (March) 5-Star preview report from CASPER and, to my surprise, there were a few important announcements that CMS conveyed using that format related to the… Continue reading Regulatory Reminder