PDPM, Non-Therapy Ancillaries & MDS Section I


PDPM includes a new pay category, the non-therapy ancillary or NTA. Everyone I’ve talked to agrees the NTA payment is a good idea. But, since it’s new, we’re going to have to work on understanding how it’s supposed to work, and how we can most easily and efficiently complete the assessment with accurate information. View… Continue reading PDPM, Non-Therapy Ancillaries & MDS Section I

PDPM Non-Therapy Ancillary Pay


PDPM and Non-Therapy Ancillaries The non-therapy ancillary (NTA) part of the patient driven payment model (PDPM) is considered by most people I’ve talked to as being better than what we’re currently doing. It more accurately accounts for expenses and isn’t overshadowed by therapy.  In this post I’m going to take a deeper look at it… Continue reading PDPM Non-Therapy Ancillary Pay