Latest ADL Scoring By State


The Pepper reports give us a glimpse into trends in Medicaid Part A in skilled nursing facilities. Sometimes you have to do a little summarizing yourself to figure out what you want to know. What I wanted to know was “Which states report the highest ADL scores?” Pepper had the data but it needed a… Continue reading Latest ADL Scoring By State

2 Reasons You Should be More Concerned about Casemix than RCS-1 if You’re In Tennessee

Tennessee is in a unique position right now. Everyone is trying to figure out how RCS-1 will change Medicare Part A. However at the same time Tennessee is also preparing to transition to case-mix for Medicaid. RCS-1 can tend to look more important because a lot more people are talking about it but here are… Continue reading 2 Reasons You Should be More Concerned about Casemix than RCS-1 if You’re In Tennessee

Q1 2018 North Carolina Medicaid

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” The latest data from the state of North Carolina has been published. We spend considerable time carefully studying the data here at Broad River. It’s like a second report card that we get every quarter. (Obviously the most important report card comes from the customer.) This data tells… Continue reading Q1 2018 North Carolina Medicaid

MPPR Calculator


We’ve just released an MPPR calculator that you can use to see how much difference MPPR makes to your Part B billing. The rest of this post is going to be about features and how to use the tool. If you’d prefer to get right to it, the calculator is here. You can also get… Continue reading MPPR Calculator

2018 NCHCFA Annual Convention & Expo


View fullsize We’ll be attending the 2018 North Carolina Health Care Association Annual Convention and Expo January 28-31 in Greensboro! If you’re attending the show please stop by our booth and say hello. The event is at the Sheraton Greensboro Hotel at Four Seasons and the Joseph Koury Convention Center. Find out more here or sign… Continue reading 2018 NCHCFA Annual Convention & Expo

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MPPR: A Hidden Expense

Although MPPR has been around since 2011, a lot of people are surprised just how big a role it plays in Part B reimbursement in skilled nursing. It’s a tool CMS has used to justify paying less for Part B therapy delivered in skilled nursing facilities. Here’s how. How Part B Used to Work Back in the… Continue reading MPPR: A Hidden Expense