Hey Broad River Rehab, What’s Up With the Blog?

Some of you have already noticed we’ve made some changes to the blog. We’ve added added content for BRR Insiders. The Insiders program is for Broad River Rehab Customers to get additional customer content. There are already a couple of posts live and a couple more are on the way.

Does that mean the blog is going to be closed to everyone else?

Absolutely not. Content for Insiders will be in addition to the content we already create.

What kind of content will be for Insiders?

Insiders content will include:

  • In-depth data analysis that might be specific to a specific market
  • Q&A with Broad River Rehab leadership
  • Best practices that we don’t necessarily make available to the public
  • YOUR input: We will be soliciting your input about what you’d like to see

Here’s a good example. Regulatory Reminders is a popular series that Joel does on the blog. The purpose to keep everyone up to date on the latest changes in CMS regulations. Nothing about that is going to change.

However, we may include supplemental postings about how to respond to those regulatory changes for Insiders. These would be practical guides from the perspective of Broad River Rehab operations.

Who can sign up for Insiders accounts?

The Insiders program is for Broad River Rehab customers.

Can employees sign up too?

Absolutely! Sign up now. We want employees involved in the conversations.


Yes. Since Insiders will be logged in, we can turn on comments on postings. We look forward to interacting with everyone!

We haven’t officially announced this program yet. However, since many of you have noticed the link and started signing up, we figured it was a good idea to post today.

Is this an April Fools thing?