PDPM Navigator™

You might have noticed that we’ve been pretty quiet on the blog recently. The reason is that we’ve been very busy building a tool for the future.

Our PDPM Calculator is incredibly popular but it doesn’t work well on a phone. We decided we needed a mobile version. THEN we decided to make it better, WAY better.


We’re proud to be launching

PDPM Navigator™!

PDPM Navigator ™ does so everything the calculator does AND:

  • It works on your phone, obviously. But not only that, it works even when you don’t have internet access! Want to study PDPM while you’re on a long flight? PDPM Navigator™ can do it.

  • ICD Coding and PDPM Mapping! ICD-10 coding drives everything in PDPM. Imagine having all those codes in the palm of your hand. You can search them and see which PDPM categories they map to, color coded for ease of use!

  • NTA ICD-10 mapping is included! 27 of the NTAs are driven by ICD-10 coding. (Did I mention ICD-10 coding is important?) With one click you can see all the ICD-10s that are valid for each of the 27 non-therapy ancillaries that are ICD-10 driven.

  • Email Reports! With two taps you can email yourself a report that summarizes your PDPM Navigator™ session. You can even email a report to a client or co-worker.

  • Nursing “RUG” Requirements are included. Need to know which conditions and GG functional scores are required to be a CDE2?

    PDPM Navigator™ has it in one touch.

We designed PDPM Navigator™ to be an easy resource to help people who work on the front lines of delivering care. PDPM Navigator ™ will make it easy to get the data you need quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time working with your team to deliver great care and less time digging through manuals and searching Google for codes.