The FY 2022 SNF PPS Final Rule: Learn the Facts behind the headlines Part 1 – What Happened to my Wage index?

In a recent blog post that I read by Brad Hirschfield he said, “We’re all familiar with the expression about missing the forest for the trees, and its wisdom about not being distracted by smaller details that undermine our appreciation of the “big picture.” No doubt, that’s often good advice. After all, who among us… Continue reading The FY 2022 SNF PPS Final Rule: Learn the Facts behind the headlines Part 1 – What Happened to my Wage index?


Documentation Auditor (DocAudit™) clinical therapy notes quality-control innovation used exclusively with its skilled nursing facility (SNF) and Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) clients. Broad River Rehab has always held its clinicians documentation to a higher standard than is required from a regulatory perspective, and DocAudit now takes this quality standard to the next level by introducing a tool used for documentation accuracy and focused clinical education.

PDPM Navigator®

PDPM Navigator is the most popular PDPM app in the country for skilled nursing! It’s rich feature set makes it ideal for a wide range of use cases. Join the tens of thousands who’ve already downloaded it for education, pre-admission estimates, IPA checks, triple-check, reference and clinical pathways.

Document Navigator™

Document Navigator™(DocNav) is your new personal digital assistant for PDPM. It quickly and efficiently reads your incoming patient documentation and identifies conditions, procedures, medications and more. DocNav reads quickly, has an amazing vocabulary, works 24×7, knows ALL the ICD codes, speech co-morbidities and nursing conditions and will read multiple documents simultaneously.

Staffing Navigator

Staffing Navigator helps operators understand how acuity, number of residents, nursing rates and mix (RN, LPN and CNA) work together to determine your staffing stars. Additionally you can use Staffing Navigator™ to determine the ideal mix of RN, LPN and CNA to achieve any star level, see how close you currently are to the next highest (and lowest) star, understand how the acuity and caseload of ANY facility compares to any other, see how many additional (or fewer) nursing hours it would take to hit any staffing level, run complex nursing staffing scenarios and see acuity, number of residents and staffing levels for any facility in the US!