PDPM – Section GG

By now you’ve problem heard that section GG is taking on increased importance with PDPM. Some are even saying that Section GG will become the key to outcome-based payments. Suffice to say, now is the time to brush up on your familiarity with Section GG. 

Section GG is is included in the Broad River Rehab PDPM Calculator. Using that calculator you can make changes to Section GG and see the change in reimbursement. One thing that is immediately obvious is that Section GG is driving the PT and OT categories as well as the nursing category. (Despite what CMS is saying, PT and OT are essentially one category.)

What might not be obvious is how Section GG is effecting nursing versus PT and OT. There are two subtle but important differences between the two. The nursing category does not include Oral Hygiene (GG01301A) and Walking (GG0170H1, GG0170J1 and GG0170K1). (See graphic)

(click to enlarge)

Also keep in mind that since the categories, and hence pay, are set at the 5 day assessment, we only use the admission performance score. Do pay attention to the discharge goals however because it seems likely that at some point in the future we’ll be using those to gauge outcomes.