DocNav™ Versus the Competition

This looks just like that other software…

Lots of people

On the surface, DocNav™ does look similar to some other software. Software is like any other tool: it’s only useful if you use it.

Think about how most people use exercise equipment. They buy it, highly motivated, and tell themselves they’ll use it every day. The first few days or weeks they do. Then, over time, it starts to serve other purposes.

DocNav™ really is Different

With DocNav™ you get the equivalent of a personal trainer to help make sure you analyze as many documents as possible. We’ll also track your performance over time. You will not be left on your own unless you choose to be.

  • Our Rehab Manager will run documents for you and bring the results to the IDT meeting
  • Our Clinical Team will analyze and trend your PDPM performance weekly and quarterly
  • Our Clinicians will monitor your Medicaid case-mix if you are in a case-mix state
  • Our clinical team will contact primary care physicians to get those PCP H&P documents

There’s a reason people hire personal trainers. They want results.